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Do you dare to take the step into self-employment and open a café or are you already a proud café owner and want to bring a new shine to your hut? Then you are exactly at the right place! At Veysel’s we can shows you what you need in order to start a café and which aspects must be considered when choosing the facility in order to make your shop successful! 1. The concept As a café owner, you are dependent on walk-in customers. How your café presents itself to the outside world often decides whether potential guests enter your...

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If you’re selling coffee, you’ll want to possess the bean grinder. Because coffee brewed from freshly ground beans is way superior, especially to the coffee aficionado with the refined java palate, anybody really serious about their coffee also needs a coffee mill. 1. Grind coffee beans right before brewing it. Austraians have high standards when it comes to coffee. If you're serious in the coffee business then you actually need to level-up your coffee making game. You should be more happy purchasing whole coffee beans instead of the pre-ground ones. The pre-ground beans get stale easily and lose its freshness...

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