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Veysel's Superior Kebab Slicer

The design of the first and all existing Superior slicers was created by Veysel Bektas. He designed the first slicer ( Superior 1) in 1997 and the mass production began in 1998.

The Superior 1 took its right full place with in Australian and New Zealand market in just 2 years. The designs of the superior 2/3/4/5 and 6 came along the superior slicers use the latest technologies. Veysel's slicer is not only a leader in Australia but also in other countries.

Veysel Bektas continued his passion for design and later designed a Superior 7 and Superior 8. These 2 new models are very similar and have the same parts. However the only difference is the size:, the Superior 7 is larger slicer with a blade size of 100mm and the superior 8 blade is 80mm,

The blades are specially made by food grade material micro tip which means that the blades do not need sharpening up to cutting 10 tonnes of kebab meat.

The blade should not touch the metal located in the middle of the kebab machine.

If there is faulty use of the blade the blade may need sharpening or renewing.

The Superior 7 motor is bigger 160 Watts whereas the Superior 8 motor is 90 Watts.

Veysel's Superior slicers are the most preferred slicers in kebab shops in Australia and New Zealand.

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