Asgood Passthrough Dishwasher 3 phase - PTD-601D

Asgood Passthrough Dishwasher 3 phase - PTD-601D

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Asgood Pass-Through Dishwasher - Hood Type Dishwasher - PTD-601D

  • Easy to use: Easy installation and service
  • User- friendly one-touch system
  • High Performance: Powerful wash pump delivers higher volumes of wash water and ensures faster clean up times.
  • Low running costs: Hi-tech computer controller ensures low water, low energy, and less detergent consumption.
  • Quality: Full stainless steel structure with stainless steel wash & rinse arms.
  • Incoming water temperature 10-60C
  • Tank heater 3KW; Booster heater 12KW;
  • Total power 15.71KW
  • Total amps required 31A
  • Rated currently of air circuit breaker 40A
  • Record the number of washing 9999
  • 60 racks per hour
  • Water consumption 2.9l/rack
  • Wash temperature 55-65C
  • Rinse temperature 82-90C
  • Wash cycles(S) 60/90/120
  • Water inlet 3/4in 1/2in
  • Drain outlet 42mm
  • Inlet water hardness 0.034-0.103g/L
  • Rinse & wash pump
  • Detergent dispenser

Please Note: PTD-601D pass through dishwasher do NOT have detergent & drain pump.

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