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Kitchen Knock


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Product Feature

  • This pressure cooker can be used on stove and induction cookers.
  • The main body of the product is processed by aluminum manganese alloy,The main accessories are made of high-quality stainless steel,Corrosion resistance, high strength, durable
  • The bottom of the CLF series pot body adopts the best thermal conductivity material, which is evenly heated and not easy to burn.
  • The CLF series pressure cooker adopts high pressure perforated double base, suitable for commercial induction cooker
  • The seal ring structure adopts the opening design, the structure is more reasonable, and the opening and closing is easier and more durable. The material is made of high-quality silicone rubber, which is hygienic, safe and durable
  • Adopt domestic advanced multiple pressure control device to make the product safe and reliable without danger of
  • Scientific design, elegant appearance
  • Reasonable structure, reduce friction when opening and closing the cover, prolong the service life of the sealing ring


Product performance

  • Tianxi brand advanced gland type commercial pressure cooker is a combination of the advantages of various pressure cookers. A new generation of safety pressure cooker developed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the latest national standards
  • This product is the first to use an indicating alarm device,That is, when the pressure in the pot is overpressure, the valve stem of the alarm valve will rise, there is a red display alarm, and it is accompanied by a tweet noise
  • Adopt reversible safety valve device,When the pressure in the pot reaches the working pressure of the safety valve, the safety valve will start continuous exhaust,And without leaving the fire source, it can also reduce the pressure in the pot below its working pressure. If the pot leaves the fire source, it can reduce the pressure to zero
  • The lid uses a new forging process, which greatly increases the strength of the lid
  • This product uses stainless steel large-section elastic clamping beam as the working valve,When the safety valve is blocked, the pressure in the pot continues to rise and overpressure,The elastic beam will pop up automatically,The steam in the pot will escape from the surrounding of the lid to reduce pressure,To ensure that there is no danger of explosion
  • Due to the shrinkage process, the strength of the pot opening is increased, and the anti-collision ability of the product is improved,as well as Sealing performance1/31/3 less cooking time than similar pots
  • The product structure is scientific and reasonable,Effectively reduce friction during use and extend the service life of the sealing ring,Reduce the trouble and cost of replacing the sealing ring

This product won many national patents

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