Luus WF-2C2B Asian Series Traditional Wok 1500mm

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Two hole, two side burner woks with Chimney burners as standard. Water cooling, front gutter, cast iron ring, and quarter turn tap folding laundry arm operation.

Traditional Wok

• 110/120 mj 24 jet chimney burners with pilot & FFD
• 18mj side pot burners (FFD optional)
• Deck water cooling via rear condiment shelf
• Quarter turn water control lever
• Folding rear laundry arm with front panel controls
• Front gutter design for easier cleaning
• 25mm insulated front heat shield panel
• Zinc-aluminium Alloy burner handles

Overall Construction
• Welded steel frame construction
• Heavy duty, full skirt, enamelled cast-iron rings
• Double flanged watertight gasket seal
• Rear flue system to aid combustion
• 1.2mm 304 stainless steel deck
• 0.9mm 304 stainless steel condiment shelf
• Splashback 1.2 mm stainless steel
• Front cover and hob 1.2mm stainless steel
• Side panels & undertrays 0.7mm stainless steel
• 38mm stainless steel tube legs with adjustable feet

• 1500mm x 850mm x 1300mm H
• Working height 845mm
• Weight 198kg
• Packed dimensions 1550mm x 900mm x 1470mm H
• Packed weight 233kg

• Gas 3/4” BSP male (x2)
• Gas 300/800/1400mm from right, 50mm from rear, 500mm from floor (regulator connected inside front cover)
• Supplied with gas regulator (specify Nat or LP on order)
• Water inlet 1/2” copper tube
• Water 100mm from right, 50 mm from rear, 400mm floor
• Drain 2” BSP male
• Drain 100mm from right, 130mm from front, 650mm floor
Cleaning & Servicing
• Easy access to all parts & components from front

• Replace Chimney burners with Duckbill or Dual Ring
• Flame failure device (FFD) on side burners
• 300mm and 600mm wide clip of shelves
• Joining caps & strips
• RH and LH side shields
• Rear castors
• Extended warranty