XW-JD Pass Through Dishwasher
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XW-JD Pass Through Dishwasher

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Dimensions: 835mm X 765mm X 1508

TRIDENT Pass Through Commercial Dishwasher
German Schneider electronics & German Hanning pumps

Cold or hot water connection!

up to 60 baskets per hour
Basket size: 500mm²
Door clearance height: 420 mm
height with door open: 1990 mm
S/S wash & rinse arms
Hanning wash pump: 0.735kW
Tank Heater: 3kW
Booster Heater: 14kW
separate wash & rinse temp. LCD displays
Cycle time: 90/60 sec
Incoming water pressure(Kg/cm2): 0.3 - 5
Incoming water temp: 10 - 60°C
Water inlet: 3/4€?
Drain outlet: 32 mm
Comes with 1 dish rack & 1 cutlery basket

WHY use F.E.D. Dishwa

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