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11 steps you need to follow before you open a successful pizza restaurant

11 steps you need to follow before you open a successful pizza restaurant - Veysel's Catering Equipment

Veysel Bektas |

Pizza, is among the most popular take away foods. Pizza can be tailored to fit numerous tastes and has become a staple product of thousands of take-away and delivery pizza businesses.

  1. Although you do not need any certification to start out a pizza business, it is essential to attend relevant food safety courses to get an idea of what is involved.
  2. Draw a competitor analysis. Take a look at the competition in the area and decide what sort of pizza business you would like to start out with. The foremost cost-effective types are take-away and delivery pizza businesses.
  3. Write a business plan that has an outline of your pizza business, the market you plan to sell to, your marketing strategy, projected revenue, taxes and start-up costs.
  4. Secure the capital you would like to open a pizza business by getting a commercial loan from your bank or private investors. If you need help securing capital for equipment at Veysel’s we can help you with commercial equipment leasing.
  5. Choose a location for your pizza business that's accessible, visible, and provides many traffic to draw in customers.
  6. Schedule a meeting together with your local health and safety authority to see your location. If all is in compliance with health and safety regulations, you'll be issued a permit that permits you to conduct business.
  7. Buy equipment for your pizza business. you will need a refrigerator and freezer, gas ovens, dough mixer, pizza peels, pizza bags, pizza rolling pins, dough portioning, pizza serving, napkins, and menu covers. At Veysel’s we offer a vast range of equipment for pizza shops.
  8. Create a menu with assorted pizzas and other dishes.
  9. Interview employees, and hire people who are reliable, personable, and efficient.
  10. Create a strong presence on social media. Take lots of photos and videos. Advertise your pizza business within the local media, on flyers, and on the web.

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