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Choosing the best fryer for your restaurant and take-away business

Choosing the best fryer for your restaurant and take-away business - Veysel's Catering Equipment

Veysel Bektas |

We listed a number of factors to consider when choosing the right fryer for your food business.

Power Source

For some kitchens, the fryer's power source are going to be a serious deciding factor when selecting a unit. counting on the dimensions and elegance you are looking for, you'll find several different options to think about that meet your utility requirements.

  • Electric: Electric fryers utilize various heating elements that come directly into contact with the oil. They’re typically more efficient when heating up, and that they typically have quicker heat recovery between batches. They’re not tied to gas line either, which makes them more mobile and easier to put in. That said, they possess longer heat-up times and lower maximum oil temperatures.

  • Gas: Powered by either gas lines or liquid propane tanks, gas fryers can have heating elements that sit in or out of the pot. It is often cheaper to use these models because they operate more efficiently. they will achieve significantly faster heat-up times and better maximum temperatures. However, they’re practically mounted in and may be expensive to put in without pre-existing connections.


You'll always got to consider your volume requirements when selecting a fryer size, additionally to the quantity of space you've got available in your kitchen. Countertop and floor models will vary widely, from compact units to massive batteries.

The most common widths range between 11" and 34", but you'll find models that go up to 94". Manufacturers typically measure tank capacities in pounds or maximum oil volume. Capacities can range up to almost 200 kgs.

You can take multiple units and set them up side by side to make batteries of your own, which provides more precise control over your production rates. Consider the amount of consumers you see on a day to day , also because the diversity of your menu.

We can help you find the ideal fryer for your business. Contact a commercial foodservice expert at Veysel's now

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