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What to look for when buying kebab knives

What to look for when buying kebab knives - Veysel's Catering Equipment

Veysel Bektas |

What makes a great kebab experience? As well as having top quality meat and a decent kebab grill, your kebab knife should also be of good quality. But which kebab knife should you buy?

A manual kebab knife with a long, sharp blade has its advantages; it works without electricity and it gives you freedom. Although it requires a lot of effort, it is also characterized by a high level of durability and can be sanded again and again.

Electric kebab knives make cutting a lot easier, as using a manual knife can quickly become very exhausting. When buying an electric kebab knife, the length of the cable is particularly important. If this is too short, the cutting can quickly become cumbersome, as you cannot operate freely with the kebab cutter. Since of course something can always break, the simple exchange and purchase of spare parts such as blades etc. should be possible quickly. Nevertheless, the durability cannot be compared with that of a manual kebab knife.

Of course, rechargeable kebab knives remove the dependency on the cable. Cable-free operation gives you much more freedom.

Veysel kebab slicer - the best kebab knives for professional kebab makers

We have put together our best-selling doner knives and kebab slicers for you:

Veysel’s electric kebab slicer series were specially developed to cut kebab, shawarma and gyros meat as efficiently, precisely and quickly as possible in catering establishments

Veysel’s kebab slicer has blade size ranging between 75mm to 100mms, which provides a high cutting precision and is individually adjustable in the cutting thickness or cutting width in the range from 1 to 5 millimeters, which makes the device particularly flexible.

With Veysel’s kebab slicer, operation is intuitive for both right-handers and left-handers thanks to the high-quality, ergonomically shaped plastic handle and does not require any further instruction.

Veysel’s kebab slicer is easy to open, which enables quick and uncomplicated cleaning and guarantees hygienic working

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