Lease or rent catering equipment

At Veysel’s, we are passionate about and committed to supporting Australian hospitality businesses from small family cafes to large corporate catering companies.

As part of our commitment, we offer pure financial flexibility with Silver Chef’s Rent-Try-Buy® solution if you want to keep your options open!

With Silver Chef’s Rent-Try-Buy® Solution, you are not locked into a long-term contract. Instead, we offer a 12-month agreement, so your business can be P.U.R.R.E. and flexible:

  • Purchase at any time during the 12 month period and receive 75% of the net rent you have paid.
  • Upgrade at any time during the 12 month period to something better suited for your business!
  • Return the equipment after the 12 month period if you no longer need it.
  • Rent– continue to rent the equipment without being tied into any contract, meaning you can return the equipment any time!
  • Easy Own– Sign up to Easy Own for an additional 3 years after your first year is up and we’ll reduce your weekly rent by 30% while you work towards ownership.

You can use Silver Chef's rental calculator to estimate the costs and payments. You can also apply for Silver Chef's rental service below: