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Choosing a walk-in cool room for your food business

Choosing a walk-in cool room for your food business - Veysel's Catering Equipment

Veysel Bektas |

Food storage is an essential aspect of restaurant and catering business. Your food preparation involves having access to the right amount of resources which involves fruits, vegetables and particularly meat which you are to keep at premium temperature.

Instead of having a few of refrigerators, some retailers, restaurant owners and other food facilities have an area purposely maintained at a freezing temperature to preserve the meat and other foodstuff. This fridge is named as a walk-in fridge or sometimes a larger section called as the cool room.

There are different types of walk-in-fridges and cool rooms. Some are:

  • Medium temperature walk-in refrigerators, used for vegetables
  • Low-temperature walk-in coolers, used for meat
  • Standalone walk-in coolers used for specific and high-value storage
  • Centralized enter freezer room, which is usually employed in commercial facilities where they're all connected (freezers & cold rooms).

The cool room can be custom built or retro-fitted into an existing room in your restaurant.

The main aim of the cool room is to hamper the proliferation of bacteria which eventually lengthens the preservation time.

Here are some pros and cons of having walk-in fridge and cold rooms.


  • it can safely store tons of food items at a lower cost for extended periods of your time.
  • allows complete control of the entire storage operation.
  • the insulated floors help save about 30 percent of the energy and lift the general energy efficiency.
  • contains automatic electronic control systems to handle and maintain many storage facilities.
  • the entire equipment is often assembled and disassembled rapidly with the smallest amount effort.
  • walk-in fridges are usually built with two systems if one among the systems fail the backup kicks in and resumes the work.


  • they can produce huge amount of warmth .
  • If a touch amount of food is spoiled, there is a risk of it affecting everything else.
  • regular checks and maintenance need to be performed
  • only recently the walk-in fridges have updated with eco-friendly devices.

At Veysel's we offer a large range of fridges, freezers and other cooling solutions. Contact our experienced team today and we will match you up with the right solution.

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