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Making the most of your chest freezer

Making the most of your chest freezer - Veysel's Catering Equipment

Veysel Bektas |

When it involves the chest freezer, it is the most convenient appliance available within the market. If you are running a retail outlet, then you would like an industrial chest freezer because it provides you sufficient space to store a various range of products at optimum temperature.




Although an upright freezer might provide enough space for storing to store frozen products for a little family, an industrial chest freezer is one among the foremost useful products available within the market today, and it can even prevent money within the long-run.

Large chest freezer allows you ample space to require advantage of storing meat in bulks along side the seasonal jams, berries, daily perishable food items and make ahead meals. But how are you able to make your industrial chest freezers energy efficient?

What makes industrial chest freezers consumes more energy?

When it involves convenience stores and shops the many amount of the entire energy employed by the refrigeration appliances including chest freezers is nearly 65 percent, and it's just thanks to the ‘air curtains’ (the cold air pockets blown across the freezer’s face to stay it fresh).

A smaller chest freezer

These effects ultimately make refrigerated cabinets expensive to run and also cause ‘cold-aisle-syndrome.’ . Almost each contemporary industrial chest freezer comes with air curtains, and as they're present at the front of the freezer, they leak, which causes the freezer to figure regularly to revive the cold air lost. Because of this, retailers bear hefty energy bills, which is nearly like 60 per cent of the entire energy cost.

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