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Everything you need before opening a café

Everything you need before opening a café - Veysel's Catering Equipment

Veysel Bektas |

Do you dare to take the step into self-employment and open a café or are you already a proud café owner and want to bring a new shine to your hut? Then you are exactly at the right place! At Veysel’s we can shows you what you need in order to start a café and which aspects must be considered when choosing the facility in order to make your shop successful!

1. The concept

As a café owner, you are dependent on walk-in customers. How your café presents itself to the outside world often decides whether potential guests enter your restaurant or not. You should therefore develop an overall concept that appeals to the customer and creates a coherent picture. Adapt your furniture, lighting and the rest of the furnishings to the target group. Make sure that guests can identify with the look. Your café interior should be individual, specifically tailored to your customer base.

But be careful, if the café interior is too functional, your restaurant could quickly look like a snack bar. So the central question is: who is the target group? Do you want to serve budget-conscious students or families? Of course, a broader target group can also be considered. However, the needs and ideas of customers when it comes to café furnishings can be very different.

Determine what your café should look like and how the atmosphere should be designed. Are you planning a café that is cozy, modern or simple? The color design plays a major role here. It determines the atmosphere and supports the theme of the premises. Warm colors stand for comfort, liveliness and invite you to linger. If you want to furnish your restaurant in an upscale style, cool colors are recommended and create the right ambience . Be authentic and create added value for your guests. You can achieve a special feel-good effect with the right lighting. Bright colors can be used to present company colors in the lighting.

By the way: did you know that the integration of water elements in your café facility can encourage guests to extend their stay or to return to visit?

2. The stay

Is your business model around customers staying for a short amount of time? In that case, simple, functional chairs are sufficient, maybe you can also integrate a couple of high tables.

If you prefer your guests to stay in your cafe for a longer period of time, then you must invest in comfortable sofas and armchairs with a few cushions instead of functional chairs

With a more diverse range, it is better to use larger tables that offer more space when choosing your furniture. Ideal when they invite you to lunch.

When it comes to flexibility, tables with chairs have the edge. Chairs can be stacked well and the rooms can be redesigned in a few simple steps, ideal for possible celebrations. They combine functionality and design.

You can score high points with an outdoor area! The outside seating can also be inviting in winter, whether it's a café, restaurant or bar..


3. The equipment

Now to the most important parts of your café furniture, the sales counter and the kitchen area. First and foremost, the equipment must be practical.

The sales counter must be designed in an appealing way, as this is usually where the customer decides what to buy. This is the ideal opportunity for you to place certain products in a sales-promoting manner through a clever presentation of goods.

Our cake display cases are ideal for presenting your baked goods and biscuits. With the right cake display cases, you can really put a shine on the cakes, pies and muffins.

At the same time, the customer receives a comprehensive overview of your product range and this provides an incentive for customer to buy a snack in addition to the hot drink.

The centre-piece of the cafe is definitely the coffee machine. Make sure you place your coffee machine at a 90-degree angle to the bar, as there can often be waiting times that can be used for some small talk with customers. While the coffee is on its way, you can engage the guest in a conversation and immediately build a bond with them.

With these tips you are well prepared to score points with the guests with the visual design of your café furnishings. Take a look at our online shop and discover a large selection of professional catering supplies of the highest quality at affordable prices.

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