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Everything you need to run a successful ghost kitchen

Everything you need to run a successful ghost kitchen - Veysel's Catering Equipment

Veysel Bektas |

The world of work and life in general is becoming increasingly fast-paced. For gastronomy, this means that customers want to determine exactly when and where they eat what. That is why the food-delivery market is experiencing increasing demand. The delivery services segment is booming worldwide and the industry continues to grow. So-called ghost kitchens are also becoming more and more fashionable in Australia. As a result, the catering scene is experiencing a real revolution.

What is a ghost kitchen?

The Ghost Kitchen is a restaurant without a guest room and service staff. It is a virtual company that specializes in the preparation and delivery of food - with the mediation and delivery often also being carried out with the help of companies such as Deliveroo or Uber Eats. The meals are only intended for delivery. Customers can order their food online using an app and have it delivered to their home or office. Strictly speaking, the restaurants are more of a brand name, as dishes from the same cuisine are often offered under different restaurant names. Note: It is often the case that several virtual restaurants from different providers share a professional kitchen.

How do restaurateurs benefit from a ghost kitchen?

Restaurateurs particularly benefit from the great cost savings from a ghost kitchen, because many cost items such as the equipment and service staff for the dining area are eliminated. In addition, no space is wasted by seating, which is why smaller rooms can be rented. You can also save a lot of money when it comes to renting, as the Ghost Kitchen is mostly in remote warehouses or commercial properties can be found because rents are much cheaper there.

A shadow kitchen on the outskirts also offers you better parking options for delivery services and their picking up delivery vehicles such as those from Uber Eats.


Classic restaurants find it difficult to open up new areas, but with a ghost kitchen this works at lower costs. In addition, there is no need for a shop window that attracts walk-in customers because these are pure production kitchens and the food is only delivered.

Since your menu is only available as a delivery, all you need in addition to the rented Ghost Kitchen is an attractive website, a convincing name for your brand and the app through which you want to offer your delicious dishes.

With the Dark Kitchen you can even create several virtual restaurants at the same time and only need one location.

By using different brands and different apps from the classic delivery services, several price segments can be served. You can charge different prices for a pizza that was prepared by the same baker in the same oven, but is sold through different brands or virtual restaurants.

Note: With a ghost restaurant you have the best opportunity to test whether your creations can make it into the high-risk industry, as only a small investment is required.

Of course, you can also make great use of your existing restaurant kitchen. After all, the premises, staff and equipment are already there. Excess products can be processed perfectly with it or you can increase your purchase. This enables you to generate more sales with little increased cost. However, if you don't want to block your original production capacity, you can rent an additional kitchen and create an individual menu for delivery.

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Note: Much of the online marketing takes place via the familiar order platforms, so you only need to concentrate on the packaging and your branding.

We hope that with our information you are well prepared for your own ghost kitchen and that you will pamper many guests with your culinary delicacies. Do you still need catering supplies to equip the kitchen perfectly? Contact a commercial foodservice expert at Veysel's now

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