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Get your food truck kitchen equipment from the experts

Get your food truck kitchen equipment from the experts - Veysel's Catering Equipment

Veysel Bektas |

Post COVID, we became a nation of take-away lovers. And in the absence of travel, the food became the new entertainment experience for us. Food trucks have become an important factor providing the experience factor. Food vendors now can make their products available to larger audiences, without being restricted to a physical address and without the worry of paying rent.

Whether it's designed like an old VW van or as an American school bus, the food trucks all have one thing in common: the vehicle design magically attract the food lovers.

Making sure your food truck is set for success

However the look and feel alone is not enough to be successful. The right setup and implementation is much more important. 

So what are the most important factors? On the one hand, of course, the vehicle design should be appealing. The vehicle must look inviting and individual.

As well as the external appearance, the food quality and service are essential. 

The success of food truck business depends on the word of mouth. 

In summary: always offer friendly and professional service as well as top quality dishes to ensure customers keep coming. 

Maximise efficiency with the right cooking equipment for your food truck

As far as space is concerned, food trucks are somewhat limited compared to a standard catering business. It is therefore important to use any space through clever combinations and innovative solutions. At Veysel’s we have the right equipment to make sure you can make the most of the work space inside your food truck.

You can equip your food truck the cabinets in stock to help you maximise your storage space and work surface at the same time.

Kitchen appliances can often be very bulky and therefore difficult to accommodate. We solve this problem with our corner cabinets.

Food truck kitchen

We have a decent number of benches, cabinets and sinks that would be perfectly suitable for your kitchen on wheels. Whether you want the sink and basins on the left or right side, we can get the right combination for you.

In addition to the tasty delicacies, you must of course offer drinks. We can help you present your drinks in an appealing and sales-promoting manner with our compact size display fridges. We also offer minibar size fridges if you expect low demand or if your space is limited.

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