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How the dough divider accuracy can help your bakery or pizza business

How the dough divider accuracy can help your bakery or pizza business - Veysel's Catering Equipment

Veysel Bektas |

Dough can take a beating when it goes under the knife, and merchandise quality becomes a priority for bakers, particularly those that make open-cell bread and rolls. From the start of a dough-batch to its end, that dough is starting to gas out, and therefore the relative density of the dough doesn't remain constant.

Dividers are crucial to the profitability of the bakery. It’s where the baker’s margin are often gained or lost. The closer you'll maintain your scaling to label weight, the extra money your can make. By portioning precisely and gently, bakers and pizza shops can deliver to customers exactly what they're promised on the package: quality bread at a really precise weight.

From a mechanical standpoint, it’s important that the divider treat the dough during a gentle fashion to take care of the structure created within the mixer and through fermentation.

Tolerances between ram, knife and pistons must be very tight. It is necessary to take care of the dough’s volume while pushing it through the divider and to attenuate any losses of air or dough via clearances within the ram-and-knife assembly.

Without an accurate divider, bakers and pizza shop operators can easily fall under the trap of over- or under-selling their product. This is where we can help. Contact a commercial foodservice expert at Veysel's now

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