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Important consideration for buying the best deli displays

Important consideration for buying the best deli displays - Veysel's Catering Equipment

Veysel Bektas |

The deli cases are a crucial a part of the food service operation. These appliances are a superb tool for storing the food products as well as increasing the sales by showcasing the goods.

We offer a diverse range of deli counters at Veysel’s however you must choose the appliance consistent with the food that you simply are getting to display. Here are some important considerations for purchasing the simplest deli display:

The size of the deli display

The size does matter. Will the appliance fit through the doorway? A smaller deli display can save you lots of money, real estate space and electricity fees.

The shelving options of the deli display

Some deli displays have glass shelves, which allows the sunshine to travel through the shelves and make a bright and fresh display. This sort of setup enhances the visual attractiveness of the food.

The lighting

The lighting is beneficial in making the products look best and appetizing. Some varieties have fluorescent lights, and some have LED interior lighting. There are specialized fluorescent bulbs which are helpful in highlighting certain colors of red meats and colorful pastries. As the lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the sales, this is an especially important factor.

Other features to consider

You should also consider colors and end panels. The top panels enable the deli display look bigger and spacious. Some deli displays have mirrored glass rear doors or reflective ones. These contribute to much more impressive food display for your store.

At Veysel’s we only sell deli display models that are the foremost efficient and effective to use and have withstood the test of your time. Contact a commercial foodservice expert at Veysel's now.

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