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TOP 9 Kebab facts

TOP 9 Kebab facts - Veysel's Catering Equipment

Veysel Bektas |

Can you gift- wrap this kebab, please? In this article we present you 9 facts about this popular Turkish-Australian fast food.

  1. First kebab machine: Although the doner kebab has its roots back to earlier Turkish peoples; the modern doner kebab rotisserie spit was invented by a Turkish immigrant named Kadir Nurman in Berlin in 1972.
  2. Kebab world records: The largest doner kebab in the world was made in 2007 and weighed 2.7 tons. Additionally, King Kebab House in Campbelltown, NSW made world’s longest kebab and fries mix that was 101-meter long.
  3. Healthy alternative : The doner kebab has 215 calories per 100 grams and is therefore a rather healthy fast food in comparison to conventional fast food. For comparison: 100 grams of pizza have around 266 calories, the same amount of french fries (without mayo) even 312 calories.
  4. What does “doner kebab ” actually mean? The doner, also called doner kebab, comes from the Turkish " döndürmek" (= "to turn") and "kebab" (= "roasted meat").
  5. World record in kebab eating: Mehmet Aslan from the Turkish city Sanliurfa filled his stomach with 52 kebabs in a row.
  6. Kebabs on every corner: Kebabs and kebab shops are very popular in Europe as well as they in Australia. There are over 20,000 kebab shops in Germany. For comparison: There were around 1,500 McDonald's branches in Germany in 2016. Also in Germany, 3.1 million kebabs are consumed every day.
  7. “Kebab” or “Kebap”? Turks spell it with a “P” at the end, however in English, the kebab with a B at the end is used.
  8. The first electric kebab knife: Veysel’s founder Veysel Bektas developed the first automatic, electric kebab knife in Wollongong in 1982.
  9. How much is a kebab machine? At Veysel’s we have the best kebab machines that cater for different sizes ranging from $2700 to $3300.

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