Luus CS-3C-B Benchtop Griddle Toaster with 300mm Chargrill Professional Series

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• Two piece heavy duty cast iron burner & hoods

• 30mj split burners per 300mm module

• J shaped reversible cast iron grates

• Available freestanding or as a benchtop model

• Modular Professional series design

• 15 month ‘Platinum Warranty’

• Easy to clean and service


• 30 mj burners with pilot, FFD and piezo ignition

• Variable flame control valve with low flame setting

• Two piece burner with cast-iron heat distributing hood

• J shaped reversible cast iron grates 150mm x 550mm

• Grates flat side up for maximum heat and performance

• Grates sloped side reduces flare & allows grease run off

• CS-3C bbq: 280mm x 520mm; 0.15m2 cooking area

• 2mm 304 stainless steel splash guards

• Chargrill undertray 0.9mm stainless steel

Overall Construction

• Heavy duty construction