Victorinox Curved Blade Shaping Knife, 6 cm Blade Length, Red 5.0501

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Victorinox Curved Blade Shaping Knife is an essential tool for delighting in the details: the tool with which you create the finishing touches that transform a meal into an event. The curved blade of the profiling knife is brilliantly suitable for decorative cutting of vegetables and fruits. So whether you’re a home cook or a professional chef, define your details with the precision-designed curved blade of this small knife, which will make creating a swan from a carrot or a rose from a tomato an easier task. Patented red colour handles are textured, slip-resistant and ergonomically designed for balance and comfort. Blade length: 6 cm.

Swiss made shaping knife with bird's beak blade

With an ultra sharp edge and ergonomic handle

Blade is made of stainless steel material

Smooth, uniform cuts every time

16.00 * 0.70 * 2.00 cm