LUUS Yum Cha Trolley 600mm YCT-60

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• Designed and produced to address the concerning number of non-compliant trolleys being imported & illegally used in Australia
• The first Yum Cha Trolley to be certified and approved by the Australian Gas Association (AGA), meeting all requirements outlined in Australian Standards AS/NZS 5263.0-2017 (to be included in the next updated release of AS/NZS 4563-2004)
• The only legal gas trolley on the market (approved for use by all Australian and NZ state regulators), eliminating the significant safety and financial risks restaurants are currently exposed to
• 10mj gas burner produces optimal steam keeping food warm while the mobile trolley is being wheeled around dining area
• Featuring dead man brakes and tilt sensors for added safety
• Engineered with an air cooling design to keep all external panels within ‘accidental touch’ temperature thresholds