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Everyone loves doner kebabs, it is one of the most popular fast-food dishes in Australia. That is why there are also numerous restaurants that sell kebabs. Would you like to open your own kebab shop and spoil guests with Turkish specialties? Then you should start planning right away and think about a convincing offer. We will give you tips for setting up a business and show you how to successfully open a kebab shop and inspire your guests. Location for your kebab shop The location should be at the top of your checklist as you would depend on walk-in customers....

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Can you gift- wrap this kebab, please? In this article we present you 9 facts about this popular Turkish-Australian fast food. First kebab machine: Although the doner kebab has its roots back to earlier Turkish peoples; the modern doner kebab rotisserie spit was invented by a Turkish immigrant named Kadir Nurman in Berlin in 1972. Kebab world records: The largest doner kebab in the world was made in 2007 and weighed 2.7 tons. Additionally, King Kebab House in Campbelltown, NSW made world’s longest kebab and fries mix that was 101-meter long. Healthy alternative : The doner kebab has 215 calories per...

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What makes a great kebab experience? As well as having top quality meat and a decent kebab grill, your kebab knife should also be of good quality. But which kebab knife should you buy? A manual kebab knife with a long, sharp blade has its advantages; it works without electricity and it gives you freedom. Although it requires a lot of effort, it is also characterized by a high level of durability and can be sanded again and again. Electric kebab knives make cutting a lot easier, as using a manual knife can quickly become very exhausting. When buying an...

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